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Prodigy is staffed with a multi-disciplinary team of qualified professionals and skilled RPL support teams, all of whom have considerable practical experience in the sphere of skills development. Decisions on many developments and important strategic matters are based on the recommendations emanating from our work. This gives testament to the pragmatic and practical value, which planners, directors, stakeholders in the public and private sectors place on the skills services we provide.

At Prodigy, our priority is finding intelligent, unique and creative ways to deliver value to our clients. Our project teams generate efficiencies and drive growth for businesses. It is our unwavering commitment to constantly deliver this level of service that makes Prodigy a discerning organisation. This kind of commitment is rare.

If being kept continuously on the leading edge of skills development is foremost on your mind, and you would like to discuss your skills-based service options, please do contact us.
Prodigy head office: +27 11 832 1220 /1 or email info@skillsmatters.com