The labour dynamics is a constant concern for the Prodigy Academy. Indeed we aim to align our offering with economic drivers. The Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC) shows that although 67,8% of Grade 12 learners passed matric, 50% of South African youth are unemployed.

Education definitely helps! The unemployment rate falls dramatically with rising educational attainment. For example, about 30% of youth with only a matric remain unemployed, compared to only 13% with a diploma or 8% with a university degree. The only reason why graduates remain unemployed is due to the subjects or qualifications selected.

At the Prodigy Academy we know that employers want pivotal employees. These are segments of the workforce that are expected to create value and determine the success of the organisation. Pivotal performers set the standards that ensure the sustainability of the existing business. This employee group plays a role in creating company value and success. Graduates that exhibit strong foundational education, work values and tangible skills will be the most sought after.