Prodigy has positioned itself as the pre-eminent provider of Recognition of Prior Learning. Prodigy has an experienced team of project managers that are well equipped to manage RPL across a range of industries. Prodigy is accredited with the Services SETA as an RPL Centre, as well has extension of scope with other SETAs.

Inter alia this includes:

Services SETA:

* FETC Real Estate NQF 4 (SAQA ID 59097)
* FETC Real Estate NQF 4 (SAQA ID 24554)
* NC Contact Centre Support NQF 2 (SAQA ID 21793)
* NC Generic Management NQF 4 (SAQA ID 23654)
* NC Generic Management NQF 3 (SAQA ID 23654)
* FETC Management NQF 4 (SAQA ID 23656)
* NC Trade Exhibition Support NQF 3 (SAQA ID 49447)
* NC Hiring Services and Support NQF 3 (SAQA ID 48887)
* NC Mail Handling NQF 3 (SAQA ID 48663)
* FETC Mail Supervision NQF 4 (SAQA ID 48664)
* FETC Postal Frontline Services NQF 4 (SAQA ID 48666)
* NC Postal Frontline Management (SAQA ID 48662


* Financial Services NQF 2


* NC Mechanical Engineering: Fitting and Machining NQF 3 (SAQA ID 23255)
* NC Tyre and Tyre Component Manufacturing NQF 4
* (SAQA ID 48799)
* NC Plastics Manufacturing NQF 5 (SAQA ID 49448)
* NC Power and telecommunication cable manufacturing NQF 2 (SAQA ID 21011)
* NC Metals Production NQF 2 (SAQA ID 49018)


NC Public Administration NQF 3 (SAQA ID 57804)


NC Plant Operations NQF 2


GETC Transport NQF 1 (SAQA ID 35953)

Through our extensive experience in implementing RPL since 2000, we have developed a unique methodology entitled INTEG8OR, which balances a practical learner-centred approach with ETQA compliance. Our RPL approach is supported by robust communication, candidate and employer support, effective facilitation, a sound quality management system and industry assessors.

Prodigy’s RPL tools are aligned to both the industry as well as to the company, and is based on an integrative and interactive assessment methodology. The fact that Prodigy has conducted the first RPL project for the Real Estate Industry as well as won the tender to pilot RPL for MERSETA is testament to this. In 2007, Services SETA awarded Prodigy the Baobab award for the “The Best RPL Project”, validating Prodigy’s capability to successfully deliver a credible RPL intervention.